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The Thrill of Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are the new gift to give. They are popular with everyone from business associates to children. A gift basket is much like a goodie bag – the person never knows what will be inside, but they cannot wait to find out. The many choices in gift baskets make them a good idea for many special occasions…

A gift basket is simple a combination of small gifts in a nice container. It does not necessarily have to be a basket, either.


– Baby Shower: A gift basket for a baby shower is very fun to put together. Babies require many small items that often are overlooked. These items alone probably wouldn’t make a great gift, but put them together in a cute package and they will be a big hit. A cute example is a bath tub themed basket. Items like wash clothes, hooded towels, baby wash, lotions and bath toys are put inside an old fashioned washing tub:Gift baskets can be boxes, bags or creative packages, like baby tubs. The gift basket is made to suit the occasion as well as the person. A gift basket works great for close friends and simple acquaintances. Gift baskets are made in a variety of themes that are suitable for any age group, as well. The possibilities for gift baskets are endless. The following list gives examples of gift baskets for every occasion:


– Father’s or Mother’s Day: Nothing says “You’re the greatest” like a beautiful gift basket. Children will love putting together special items for their parent in a gift basket. The theme should be suited to the person. For example, a dad who loves golf could be made a basket with little golfing items, like tees and balls. Some other golf themed items could be thrown in and the whole package could be put in a new golf bag.:


– Birthday: A birthday gift basket is a great way to buy someone things they would never buy for themselves. Gourmet foods are a great gift basket, packed inside a nice cooking pot. The birthday gift basket should center around the idea of pampering for adults and big fun for children. A child’s birthday gift basket could include stuffed animal themes, outside play themes, bathtub fun themes, or art themes. The ideas are endless!:



– Christmas: A gift basket makes the perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for. Some people seem to have everything they could possibly need. In cases like this a gift basket works great. Little trinkets or food items in a stylish package work great for anyone on the Christmas list.:


A gift basket can be made for any occasion imaginable. The basic idea is to use small items based around a theme to create a great gift. It is becoming very popular to give gift baskets and people are thrilled to receive them. The next holiday or special occasion that rolls around is definitely worth giving gift baskets a try.

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