Wine Gift Baskets

The Versatility of a Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are an elegant surprise for many occasions. Besides wine there are many different items that can be included to round out the basket. Gift baskets are seeing a rise in popularity because they incorporate many little items into a great showpiece. They can also be made in many different ways to suit the occasion and the person.

Wine gift baskets can be formal or fun, depending on who and when they are given.

There is a wide range of items that can be put in a wine gift basket. Of course the wine is going to be the central item in the basket. A large bottle or a couple large bottles could be used. To spice things up small sample bottles could also be used. Food and wine go together well. Dry pastas, cheeses, crackers or meats could be a savory addition to the wine basket. On the other hand for a more decadent basket, gourmet chocolates and cookies could be stuffed in. Additionally gift baskets could also include accessories, like cheese cutter, corkscrews or even the new bottle covers. The main deciding factor of what goes into a wine gift basket is the theme.

Themes for a gift basket can cover a wide range. Choosing a theme is usually going to be based on the situation. For a business acquaintance the gift basket should be kept formal and traditional. A good idea would be a nice bottle of wine with some accessories and a few food items like cheeses and crackers. A friendly gift basket could be more fun with mini wines, cute accessories and some great chocolates. Another way to use a gift basket is to use it as a way to showcase another present. For a very special person a wine basket could also contain two tickets for a vacation in wine country. A person could also match the wines with gift certificates to a fancy restaurant. The creativity and imagination of the person giving the basket is the only limit to what can be done.

Wine gift baskets are a great gift that can easily fit into any situation. They are formal enough to give for a business gift, but fun enough to give to someone special. Gift baskets are great because they can be given to anyone and tailored to any situation. Gift baskets can be spiced up into a big gift or be a simple gift.

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