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Unique Baby Names!

You envision your child, who has yet to be born, to be the most beautiful, sweetest, most amazing person in the universe. Therefore, you’d like to give him or her a name that is truly unique-one that sets your baby apart from the rest. Since every child is a unique creation, it only makes sense that we might be prompted to give our children names that are special, even one-of-a-kind.

Still, you should exercise some caution when trying to give your baby a unique name. There are certainly some things you should try to consider, before placing that unusual name on the child’s birth certificate.


Stress the Positive
Your child’s name should conjure up pleasant memories. It should also carry a meaning that is truly special to you. Since your baby’s name may cast a long shadow, you will have to be especially careful when deciding on a name. You might mention some of your ideas to friends and relatives to find out their reactions. While you may not want to name your child based upon a consensus vote, it doesn’t hurt to have input from other people.

Think About Rhythm
Rhythm is highly important in music, so it should come as no surprise that it may have an effect on how your child’s name is perceived to be. In general, your baby’s first and last name, spoken together, should have a pleasing rhythm. Also, the number of syllables in your child’s first name should differ from the number of syllables in the surname. If you have a particularly common last name, an unusual first name may indeed be best for baby. When he or she grows up, it will certainly make it easier to find your offspring in the phone book!

Pronunciation Guides
While you may think it interesting to have your baby’s name pronounced in an unusual way, it could make life unbearable for your child on down the road. For instance, if you name your baby girl “Maria” but pronounce it “Mariah,” your child will have to constantly correct people. As an alternative, you might consider an unusual spelling of a common name, such as Karyn or Caren – which make for unique baby girl names.

Investigate Your Family Tree 
If you’re looking for an unusual unique baby name, you might try investigating the various branches of your family tree. You might find that your great-great grandfather or great-great grandmother had a distinctive name-one that is seldom used today. In this way, you are forging a link to the past, while also providing your baby with a distinctive identity.


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