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From what is on the bottom of your yogurt to the apple that Eve ate, fruit has seeds planted throughout our culture. The meaning of the word fruit can be a thousand different things depending on context, but when it is presented as a gift, it shows elegance and thoughtfulness. Fruit gift baskets are the easiest gifts to give, with no assembly, wrapping, or boxing required.


Fruit gift baskets are also the ideal ready to present gift that is perfect for the busy gift giver.



Fruitful Affair Gift Basket

Perfect for housewarmings and hostess gifts, fruit gift baskets come with a variety of fresh fruit and other items. Fruit gift baskets can focus on a specific region and have specialty items or baked goods. Fruit gift baskets arrive perfectly presented in baskets overflowing with bounty, and the baskets can be used long after the contents of the basket disappear to hungry holiday crowds or famished homebuyers who forgot to buy food on the first night in the new place.


Fruit gift baskets are filled with the finest pears, apples, oranges, cheese, and various treats. For less than $60, the home of friends and family can be warmed with the red, orange, and green tones of the shiny, hearty fruit.

Fresh fruit gift baskets come in a variety of prices and sizes. Their Deluxe Fruit Basket include fruit from the world’s best orchards high in the mountains to tropical groves.


Papayas, pears, pineapple, kiwi, and bananas burst from the brown wicker basket – for less than $100.00, the world’s most fabulous fruits will make any gift receiver elated.


Nearly everyone loves chocolate. Adding chocolate to fruit gift baskets, making them the ideal gift for any sweet lover – the perfect fall back gift for any occasion. Nestled crisp apples and pears, cheese, and their chocolate truffles and other chocolate munchies into a wicker basket adorned with ribbon. For as little as $70, the chocolate fruit wonder of a gift will live up to its name and be the favorite.



Classic Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket

Dried fruit isn’t just for campers anymore. Dried fruit gift baskets are a perfect holiday gift – they can go from being a gift to a luscious snack by just unwrapping the package. The perfect anytime snack that doesn’t require peeling or washing, dried fruit baskets of mixed dried fruit make perfect snack gifts.


For more of a mix, fruit and nut gift baskets offer even more choices. For a sweet, salty, healthy gift  stuffed with crunchy pears and apples and a generous amount of snacks including mixed nuts, the Deluxe Fruit Basket is more luxurious and expertly package that any fruitcake on the planet.This beauty of a gift is easy to give and easier to enjoy.


Plentiful and always welcome, fruit gift baskets are an ideal gift the family and friends who have everything. There is never such a thing as having too much beautiful, fresh fruit and snacks, so fruit gift baskets will be welcomed with smiles everywhere they go.


Visit us online today to order your fresh fruit gift baskets for that upcoming occasion!

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