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  • Lindt ® Chocolate & Sweets

    CAD$ 84.95
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    Lindt ® Chocolate & Sweets

    Our Godiva gift basket offers
    an amazing selection of the best
    chocolate! Including milk chocolate
    covered raisins, milk chocolate
    caramels,chocolate covered almonds,
    dark chocolate covered pretzels,
    and more!


    CAD$ 84.95
  • Sterling Vintner’s Wine Duet

    CAD$ 119.95
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    Sterling Vintner’s Wine Duet

    Send this stunning basket to friends or family!
    Enjoy hazelnut pralines, wine biscuits,
    buttery shortbread, cookie thins, fine
    cheeses and more!


    CAD$ 119.95
  • The Gourmet Gift Basket

    CAD$ 129.95
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    The Gourmet Gift Basket

    Enjoy a variety of flavors!
    Offering walnut cookies, peanut
    brittle, hummus, coffee, tea, cheese
    wedges, and more!

    CAD$ 129.95
  • Kiarna Champagne Gift Basket

    CAD$ 169.95
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    Kiarna Champagne Gift Basket

    Send this stunning basket to friends
    or family for a special celebration!
    Enjoy wine biscuits, butterscotch snaps,
    chocolate hazelnut wafers, garlic and
    herb cheese, paired with a fine bottle
    of Kiarna bubbly wine!

    CAD$ 169.95
  • Godiva® Pure Decadence Gift Basket

    CAD$ 169.95
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    Godiva® Pure Decadence Gift Basket



    This great chocolate gift presents
    the very best of Godiva! Offering
    coffee chocolate truffles, lava
    cake truffles, chocolate covered
    pretzels, chocolate hazelnut tablet
    and more!


    CAD$ 169.95
  • La Marca Prosecco Gift Basket

    CAD$ 199.95
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    La Marca Prosecco Gift Basket

    An impressive gift for a wedding
    or special anniversary! Discover
    fine cheeses, caramels, nuts ,
    crackers, cookies and more!

    CAD$ 199.95
  • Taittinger Champagne Gift Basket

    CAD$ 324.95
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    Taittinger Champagne Gift Basket

    A memorable gift for a wedding
    or special anniversary! Enjoy garlic
    & herb cheese, chocolate cookie thins,
    chocolate enrobed walnuts, dark
    chocolate caramel squares, to name
    a few!

    CAD$ 324.95
  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne Basket

    CAD$ 324.95
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    Veuve Clicquot Champagne Basket


    They’ll remember this unique
    gift long after the final toast!
    This basket includes marshmallows
    covered in chocolate, butter
    cookies, an assortment of truffles,
    a bottle of champagne, and more!


    CAD$ 324.95
  • Silver Oak Cabernet Wine Basket

    CAD$ 329.95
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    Silver Oak Cabernet Wine Basket

    An impressive gift for a memorable
    occasion! Savor rosemary and olive
    crackers, Godiva dark truffles,
    chocolate almond toffee, fruit and
    nut medley, hazelnut wafers and more!

    CAD$ 329.95
  • Ferrari-Carano Exclusive Wine Basket

    CAD$ 479.95
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    Ferrari-Carano Exclusive Wine Basket


    This radiant gift will truly impress!
    This basket contains 4 bottles of wine,
    vanilla sea salt caramels, smoked salmon,
    butter toffee nuts, a cheese knife, a wine
    stopper, and more!


    CAD$ 479.95
  • Dom Perignon Classic Champagne Basket

    CAD$ 795.00
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    Dom Perignon Classic Champagne Basket

    Setting the standard for fine champagne!
    Discover a fine bottle of Dom Perignon,
    paired with Godiva chocolate truffles, fine
    cheese, buttery shortbread cookies, cookie
    thins, milk chocolate hazelnut truffles & more!

    CAD$ 795.00
  • dom-perignon-champagne-gift-basket

    Dom Perignon Anniversary Basket

    CAD$ 795.95
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    Dom Perignon Anniversary Basket

    Looking to make a grand
    impression on their special
    day! Send a great selection
    of sesame rounds, sea salt
    caramels, garlic and herb
    cheese, cookie thins, paired
    with the finest champagne!

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    CAD$ 795.95