Kosher Category

A distinctive collection of
upscale kosher
gift baskets
with a clear listing of Kashrut
authority. We offer the finest
chocolates and Kosher
gourmet fare .

  • Ghirardelli Tower

    CAD$ 79.95
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    Ghirardelli Tower


    Make every holiday event
    special with this sweet festive
    Ghirardelli tower! Including
    dark chocolate caramel squares,
    chocolate wafers, chocolate chip
    cookies, and more!

    CAD$ 79.95
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Snacker Collection

    CAD$ 89.95
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    Ghirardelli Chocolate Snacker Collection

    A delightful collection of Ghirardelli
    favorites! Featuring five different types
    of squares,milk chocolate with caramel,
    dark and caramel,milk chocolate, intense
    dark twilight delight, and dark chocolate.

    CAD$ 89.95
  • Godiva Chocolate Gift Tower

    CAD$ 99.95
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    Godiva Chocolate Gift Tower


    Our decadent Godiva gift tower is
    a sure way to any chocolate lover’s
    heart! Including white, milk and dark
    chocolate truffles, dark chocolate
    covered pretzels, chocolate covered
    grahams, and more!



    CAD$ 99.95
  • Godiva® Chocolate Collection

    CAD$ 119.95
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    Godiva® Chocolate Collection


    A rich assortment of Godiva’s
    most popular confections!
    Savor Signature milk chocolate
    truffles, dark chocolate truffles,
    white truffles, salted toffee
    caramels, hot cocoa and more!

    CAD$ 119.95
  • Ghirardelli® Grand Snacker Tower

    CAD$ 119.95
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    Ghirardelli® Grand Snacker Tower

    A remarkable chocolate assortment
    sure to win a chocolate lover’s heart!
    -dark chocolate with caramel sea salt,
    milk chocolate with caramel and milk
    chocolate, chocolate cocoa, and more!


    CAD$ 119.95
  • Kosher Cabernet Wine Basket

    CAD$ 119.95
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    Kosher Cabernet Wine Basket

    An exceptional presentation
    complete with savory flavors
    and Kosher Cabernet wine to
    enjoy! Savor mixed olives
    hummus, sesame crackers,
    naan crisps and more!


    CAD$ 119.95
  • Godiva® Wish Gift Basket

    CAD$ 129.95
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    Godiva® Wish Gift Basket


    This fine gift by Godiva offers an
    inviting collection of caramel toffee,
    chocolate covered grahams, chocolate
    truffles, chocolate covered pretzels,
    and more!

    CAD$ 129.95
  • Kosher Choice

    CAD$ 139.95
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    Kosher Choice

    Savor a sweet and savory
    selection  of milk chocolate
    truffles, hummus, walnut cookies,
    olives, milk and dark chocolate
    squares, pretzels, and more!

    CAD$ 139.95
  • Organic Fresh Fruit Collection

    CAD$ 159.95
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    Organic Fresh Fruit Collection

    A delicious and healthy choice!
    Enjoy an assortment of fresh fruits
    and fine artisanal cheeses; meats,
    nuts and gourmet fare!


    CAD$ 159.95
  • Godiva® Pure Decadence Gift Basket

    CAD$ 169.95
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    Godiva® Pure Decadence Gift Basket



    This great chocolate gift presents
    the very best of Godiva! Offering
    coffee chocolate truffles, lava
    cake truffles, chocolate covered
    pretzels, chocolate hazelnut tablet
    and more!


    CAD$ 169.95