Cutting Board Collection

Celebrate special occasions
gourmet fare – smoked
cheeses, savory
premium nuts,
gourmet coffees
and more.

  • Sweet and Savory Gift Basket

    CAD$ 83.95
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    Sweet and Savory Gift Basket

    The perfect gift for any special
    occasion! Including a cheese
    spread, sesame crackers, chocolate
    chip cookies, mixed olives, chocolate
    caramels, and more!


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    CAD$ 83.95
  • Taste of Italy Gift Basket

    CAD$ 84.95
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    Taste of Italy Gift Basket

    For the lovers of European flavors!
    Including pasta seasoning mix, mini
    biscottis, sea salt pasta chips, bread
    sticks, and more!

    CAD$ 84.95
  • Bon Appetit Gift Basket

    CAD$ 84.95
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    Bon Appetit Gift Basket

    The perfect gift for any milestone!
    Savor decadent milk chocolate
    caramels, caramel popcorn, mixed
    olives, white truffles, and more!


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    CAD$ 84.95
  • The Connoisseur Gift Basket

    CAD$ 99.95
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    The Connoisseur Gift Basket


    A great way to send your best wishes!
    Enjoy butter cookies, cocoa truffles,
    olives, cranberry and sesame cookies,
    and so much more!

    CAD$ 99.95
  • The Gourmet Gift Basket

    CAD$ 129.95
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    The Gourmet Gift Basket

    Enjoy a variety of flavors!
    Offering walnut cookies, peanut
    brittle, hummus, coffee, tea, cheese
    wedges, and more!

    CAD$ 129.95
  • The Classic Gift Basket

    CAD$ 139.95
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    The Classic Gift Basket

    A delightful gift sure to please!
    Discover a fine offering of vanilla
    truffles, cinnamon sunflower nuggets,
    sesame round crackers, blue cheese
    twists, and more!

    Item USGOUR07 Categories: , , ,
    CAD$ 139.95
  • The V. I. P. Gift Basket

    CAD$ 249.95
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    The V. I. P. Gift Basket

    When you need to make a statement,
    this gift is sure to be a winner!
    They’ll enjoy fine English tea, milk
    chocolate with caramel, olives, cheddar
    cheese biscuits, and more!

    CAD$ 249.95
  • skys-the-limit-gourmet-gift-basket

    Sky’s the Limit Gift Basket

    CAD$ 369.95
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    Sky’s the Limit Gift Basket

    Your most valued relationships
    deserve the very best! Offer them
    a fine selection of basil and garlic
    olives, smoked salmon, butter
    toffee nuts, Jalapeno cheese
    straws, hummus original flavor,
    Godiva truffles, sea salt pasta
    Chips and more!

    CAD$ 369.95