Wine Gift Baskets

Wine Gift Basket Ideas

A fine combination of food and drink, a wine gift basket is appreciated even by those who never indulge. Looking for that great Bordeaux in a special setting? Wracking your brain to think of the best way to present that perfect port? A wine gift basket is the answer.


A wine gift basket may hold just the vintage you’ve been seeking. Everything from a creative Cabernet to a zingy Zinfandel can be found nestled among a dozen other delightful treats.


A wine gift basket can hold that precious Syrah you’ve been dying for months to try. Or the centerpiece may be a quirky new item you heard about at a party yesterday.



Bottle sizes range from miniature hotel-type samples to a magnum of champagne. A wine gift basket could be filled out with a dozen small bottles of a favorite variety. Or, it might be a breathtaking variety that allows you to sample a new wine every month. A giant bottle from your favorite region in France or Italy can form the centerpiece of an outstanding package.


But the wine itself is only the beginning. A wine gift basket is filled with traditional and creative items. Delicious gourmet crackers sit beside irresistible truffles. Chocolates go well with a fine Sangria. Dried apricots and other fruits are the perfect companion to a stellar Chardonnay.


Wine gift baskets are among the finest of an already elite set of options. Filled with fresh fruits, cookies, nuts, and more they make for a gift that will be remembered long after the outstanding Chablis is gone.


Brut champagne might be more to your taste. Surrounded by a fine set of gourmet cheeses, a wine gift basket of champagne will make for a memorable afternoon that can go on late into the evening.



Even the container itself is part of a great wine gift basket offering. It can be a traditional dark wicker that reminds you of old Italy. Or it can be a contemporary computer age metal. You may like a sentimental porcelain, or you could go for an all-business gray made from Stealth jet composite plastics. The designs are endless.


Wine gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion. An anniversary is the perfect time to deliver a great vintage. Celebrate with a glass while you munch on a gourmet cracker. There’s no better time than a promotion at work to deliver that great Rose partnered with a fine garlic bread stick.


Whether for a personal celebration or a corporate event, a wine gift basket is the finest possible choice. Appreciated by everyone, they’ll be treasured for years.

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