• Dom Perignon Classic Champagne Basket

    CAD$ 795.00
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    Dom Perignon Classic Champagne Basket

    Setting the standard for fine champagne!
    Discover a fine bottle of Dom Perignon,
    paired with Godiva chocolate truffles, fine
    cheese, buttery shortbread cookies, cookie
    thins, milk chocolate hazelnut truffles & more!

    CAD$ 795.00
  • Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Wine Basket

    CAD$ 324.95
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    Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Wine Basket

    A great gift from California’s most
    celebrated family owner winery! This
    basket includes cheese wedges, hazelnut
    wafers, milk chocolate with caramel,
    sesame crackers, 4 bottles of wine,
    and more!

    CAD$ 324.95
  • Kiarna Champagne Gift Basket

    CAD$ 169.95
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    Kiarna Champagne Gift Basket

    Send this stunning basket to friends
    or family for a special celebration!
    Enjoy wine biscuits, butterscotch snaps,
    chocolate hazelnut wafers, garlic and
    herb cheese, paired with a fine bottle
    of Kiarna bubbly wine!

    CAD$ 169.95
  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne Basket

    CAD$ 324.95
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    Veuve Clicquot Champagne Basket


    They’ll remember this unique
    gift long after the final toast!
    This basket includes marshmallows
    covered in chocolate, butter
    cookies, an assortment of truffles,
    a bottle of champagne, and more!


    CAD$ 324.95
  • Bakery, Chocolate and Truffle Tower

    CAD$ 89.95
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    Bakery, Chocolate and Truffle Tower


    The ultimate indulgence perfect
    for sharing ! Chocolate brownies,
    chocolate fudge, Lindt truffles,
    Ghirardelli squares and more!

    CAD$ 89.95
  • Vintners Path Cabernet Season’s Greetings

    CAD$ 109.95
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    Vintners Path Cabernet Season’s Greetings


    Gift giving at its best! Enjoy fine
    cheeses, California’s Vintners Path
    Cabernet, chocolate cookie thins,
    sesame crackers, smoked Gouda,
    Lindt milk truffles ,black olives,
    Italian pretzels and more!


    CAD$ 109.95
  • Eastpoint Cellars Wine Collection

    CAD$ 289.95
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    Eastpoint Cellars Wine Collection

    Discover a fine selection of assorted
    wines! This basket contains an assortment
    of chocolate, toffee, smoked salmon,
    three different bottles of wine, and so
    much more!

    CAD$ 289.95
  • Grand Holiday Sleigh

    CAD$ 449.95
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    Grand Holiday Sleigh


    An extraordinary sleigh
    overflowing with holiday
    favorites! Chocolaté mint
    cookies, cranberry sesame
    crackers, fine wines, cheese,
    vanilla fudge and more!

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    CAD$ 449.95
  • Ferrari-Carano Exclusive Wine Basket

    CAD$ 479.95
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    Ferrari-Carano Exclusive Wine Basket


    This radiant gift will truly impress!
    This basket contains 4 bottles of wine,
    vanilla sea salt caramels, smoked salmon,
    butter toffee nuts, a cheese knife, a wine
    stopper, and more!


    CAD$ 479.95