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Writing the Perfect Baby Gift Thank You Note


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You’ve gotten a beautiful baby gift, what do you do now? The most appropriate thing to do when you receive a gift in the mail is to notify via phone or email that you have received the gift.

With a new baby at home it might be difficult to immediately send out handwritten thank you notes and most people will understand, but a simple call or email to inform them that you received the gift will be most appreciated.

Having been in the gift business for over five years, our company receives numerous emails and phone calls each week from customers wanting to verify that a gift we sent on their behalf has been received. Some go so far as to ask us to phone the recipient because they are too embarrassed and don’t want the new mom or dad to feel bad for not thanking them sooner.

After the thank you phone call or email, a follow up handwritten card in the mail within a month or so will also let the person know that you appreciate the gesture. Take another step by adding a photo of the newborn with the gift incorporated in the photo.

The handwritten note should include first and foremost a line of appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the time and energy taken to select a gift for your baby. It should then be followed by a description of the gift itself and how helpful, cute, useful or original the gift may be. Let the gift giver know that you’d love for them to meet the baby in person and thank them again for their generosity. The closing signature from you personally is appropriate.

Here is an example of a quick, thoughtful note:

Dear Jane,
Thank you so much helping us welcome Baby Jack into the world. We just love the new bib, burp & blanket gift set . These personalized treasures will come in handy at every phase. Thank you again for thinking of us. We hope you can meet Baby Jack in person soon.
Love, Julie

Technology is a convenient time-saver for a new parent, but nothing compares to reciprocating the kindness of a friend or family member with a handwritten thank note.


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