Happy Bday Gift Baskets

Discover fun-themed
birthday gift baskets for 
ages and make their
a memorable way!

  • Make a Wish Birthday Tower

    CAD$ 69.95
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    Make a Wish Birthday Tower

    Discover a great variety of
    treats – decadent truffles,
    dark  chocolate hazelnut,
    candy apple  caramels,
    almond tea cookies, and more!

    CAD$ 69.95
  • Best Wishes Gift Tower

    CAD$ 79.95
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    Best Wishes Gift Tower

    This birthday tower is a
    wonderful gift to share!
    Discover apple caramels,
    cookies,  fruit jellies,
    caramel popcorn, peanut
    crunch and more!

    CAD$ 79.95
  • Birthday Hugs Gift Basket

    CAD$ 79.95
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    Birthday Hugs Gift Basket

    An adorable way to convey
    your birthday wishes! Savor
    a delectable selection of vanilla
    sea salt caramels, brie cheese
    spread, dried fruit and nut mix,
    chocolate  chip cookies, and more!

    CAD$ 79.95
  • Ghirardelli Tower

    CAD$ 79.95
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    Ghirardelli Tower


    Make every holiday event
    special with this sweet festive
    Ghirardelli tower! Including
    dark chocolate caramel squares,
    chocolate wafers, chocolate chip
    cookies, and more!

    CAD$ 79.95
  • Tea Time Gift Tray

    CAD$ 99.95
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    Tea Time Gift Tray

    A thoughtful gift for any tea lover!
    Includes English tea, chocolate chip
    cookies, brownie cookies, a sugar
    stirring stick, ceramic teapot, and


    CAD$ 99.95
  • Happy Birthday Gift Basket

    CAD$ 99.95
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    Happy Birthday Gift Basket

    Wish someone special a Happy
    Birthday! Enjoy butterscotch
    snaps, peanut crunch, chocolate
    pralines, truffles, vanilla cookies,
    walnut cookies and more!

    CAD$ 99.95
  • Godiva Chocolate Gift Tower

    CAD$ 99.95
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    Godiva Chocolate Gift Tower


    Our decadent Godiva gift tower is
    a sure way to any chocolate lover’s
    heart! Including white, milk and dark
    chocolate truffles, dark chocolate
    covered pretzels, chocolate covered
    grahams, and more!



    CAD$ 99.95
  • Godiva® Wish Gift Basket

    CAD$ 129.95
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    Godiva® Wish Gift Basket


    This fine gift by Godiva offers an
    inviting collection of caramel toffee,
    chocolate covered grahams, chocolate
    truffles, chocolate covered pretzels,
    and more!

    CAD$ 129.95