If you're looking for custom gift baskets, we always welcome design inquiries and special requests—they're part of our specialty! Have a special occasion or upcoming event and are looking for a particular gift basket theme? We can help!

Custom gift baskets show how much you care by taking the extra time to select exactly what the recipient relishes. It also shows how much you have been paying attention to that special someone. From premium chocolate to Canadian specialty products, our custom gift baskets have more of an impact because of your consideration.

There are so many reasons to celebrate with custom gift baskets, whether your kids are going off to college or your parents are renewing their vows. Design a gift basket today to reflect the special occasion!

Take advantage of this opportunity! Our custom gift baskets start at $100.00 CDN

Custom orders can be placed via email, fax or by telephone. Please provide us with the following information:- Value of the gift you wish to have customized before sales tax

  • - Theme or special occasion
  • - Requested date of delivery
  • - Specialty items you wish to include
  • - Shipping option (Standard, Expedited, Next Day, Saturday Express)

If you wish to customize your order to include a non-alcoholic bottle of wine  (example: Wine & Cheese gift basket, Wine & Smoked Salmon, Champagne & Caviar, etc), our custom gift baskets have designs that start at $100.00 CDN.

Purely Canadian Gift Baskets

Via email:   orders@thesweetbasket.com

Via fax:      

Local  514.683.4945

Via phone: 

Local  (514) 683.3885

Via phone: 

North America  1 866 683 3885

Product Availability

  • - Smoked salmon, salmon paté spread, lobster paté, duck paté (seasonal)
  • - Antipasto, Tomato & Red pepper chutney, Apple & Ale Chutney, Bruschetta, Wholegrain Mustard, Olive & Chipotle Pepper dip, Mediterranean olives, Italian pasta, jams & preserves, wine jelly, maple jelly, red pepper jelly
  • - Brie cheese, Camembert cheese, Garlic Brie cheese, Sonoma Red Pepper cheese, Garlic & Herb cheese spread, Gouda cheese spread
  • - Savory crackers, cheese straws, seasoned pretzels, wine biscuits, premium deluxe nuts, salted cashews
  • - Premium chocolate in dark, milk or assorted, caramel, chocolate almonds, chocolate cashews , chocolate enrobed pretzels by Godiva, Ghirardelli chocolate, Lindt, Brown & Haley toffee, Marich Confections, Saxon Chocolates, Galerie au Chocolats
  • - Candy confections - all natural jelly beans, licorice, coffee flavored candy, fudge, chocolate espresso beans, cordials, malt balls, jujubes, fruit jelly slices butter crunch toffee
  • - Gourmet cookies, cakes (Tortuga rum, Tiramisu, almond), biscotti, artisan cream filled wafers, buttery shortbread
  • - Canadian specialty products - maple syrup, chocolate, fudge, candy, maple cookies, maple jelly
  • - Gourmet teas, cocoa, specialty coffees ( Tea Forté,  Starbucks, Godiva, Laura Secord, Tazo)
  • - Gourmet Coffees (Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck, Laura Secord, Donut Shop, Godiva)
  • - Gourmet Cocoa (Laura Secord, Godiva, Gourmet du Village)
  • - Wine & Imported Beers - Chardonnay wine (non-alcoholic), Cabernet Sauvignon wine (non-alcoholic), Rosé wine (non-alcoholic), Merlot wine (non-alcoholic), Riesling wine (non-alcoholic), Sparkling wine (non-alcoholic).
  • - Kosher food products with a clear listing of Kashrut authority
  • - Luxury spa products
  • - Premium baby apparel, toys & accessories (Baby Gund, Russ , Baby Einstein, NHL, Sesame Street, Bunnies by the Bay, Mud Pie)

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