Godiva® Dessert Truffles 24PC

Godiva® Dessert Truffles 24PC


The ultimate dessert tray for
that special lady! Mom will enjoy 
Butterscotch Walnut, Tiramisu,
Creme Brulée truffles and more! 


Our kosher basket ingredients are certified
Kosher with the following symbols: 

NET WEIGHT: 471 grams    

Complimentary greeting card maybe added
to this gift at checkout

  • Birthday cake truffles
  • Butterscotch walnut truffles
  • Cheesecake truffles
  • Chocolate eclair truffles
  • Chocolate lava cake truffles
  • Chocolate soufflé truffles
  • Cookie dough cake truffles
  • Creme brulée truffles
  • Pineapple hummingbird truffles
  • Red velvet cake truffles
  • Tiramisu truffles
  • Strawberry creme tart truffles

Allergen Alert:  

Product may contain the following allergens -
nut tree (pecan, almond, walnut, hazelnut), 
peanut, egg, milk, soy , wheat

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Godiva® Dessert Truffles 24PC

Godiva® Dessert Truffles 24PC

The ultimate dessert tray for
that special lady! Mom will enjoy 
Butterscotch Walnut, Tiramisu,
Creme Brulée truffles and more! 

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