Park Place Luxury Chest

Park Place Luxury Chest


From traditional to exotic,
Park Place is the key
to a lavish 
feast! Enjoy fine
wines, champagnes, 
fine cheeses, savory 
scotch whiskey popcorn, 
figs &
port, Caribbean rum cake,

Godiva biscuits, maple jelly
and more!

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Please note an adult signature is required
for this gift due to its alcoholic content. 

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to this gift at checkout

Our top executive gifts are 
beautifully gift wrapped in soft cello and 
topped with a matching hand tied bow. 

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  • Canadian smoked salmon spread
  • Canadian Wild smoked salmon
  • Canadian lobster spread
  • Canadian crab spread
  • Castello Brie cheese
  • Castello Camembert cheese
  • Connivence Foie Gras
  • Sonoma Jack Garlic and Herb spread
  • Sonoma Jack White cheddar spread
  • English cheddar biscuits
  • Asiago cheese straws
  • Garlic and Herbs oven baked crisps
  • Seasoned pretzels
  • Brien maple jelly
  • Mango Curry dip by Gourmet Village
  • Roasted Pepper dip by Gourmet Village
  • Hot Pepper Parmesan dip by Gourmet Village
  • Duchy all butter vanilla and chocolate shortbread
  • Ice wine candy
  • Tortuga Carribean rum cake
  • Pannetone Italian cake
  • White chocolate artisan snowflake chocolates
  • Maple pecan shortbread
  • Caramel coconut macaroons
  • Lindt Excellence Dark chocolate
  • Lindt Excellence Crunchy Cacao chocolate
  • Godiva European-style chocolate biscuits
  • Godiva milk almond chocolate
  • Dark chocolate enrobed cashews
  • Godiva Signature 4pc truffles
  • Godiva chocolate truffle gourmet coffee
  • Maple herbal tea
  • Cocoa and almond biscotti
  • Godiva 8pc gold ballotin
  • Godiva Dessert flavored truffles
  • Caramel Macchiato and Scotch Whiskey infused popcorn
  • Cinnamon glazed nuts by Gourmet Village
  • Jumbo salted cashews
  • Figs & Port by Heritier
  • Tribaut Champagne Chardonnay Brut France (750ml)-
    This bubbly offers hints of apple, bread dough,
    nutshell and smoke with a lively mousse and 
    a layered, apple-y, sweet-and-tart finish
  • Sterling Vintner California Chardonnay (750ml)-
    Medium deep yellow straw colour with aromas and 
    flavours of apple, pear and oaky vanilla
  • Chateau Langlais Bordeaux 2010 (750ml)-
    An elegant wine with enough substance for ageing 
    and a silky finish of old bordeaux
  • Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley (750ml)-
    Elegantly balances lively crispness with plush, rich fruit 
    and notes of fresh cherry, baked apple and brioche
  • Large wooden storage chest

    Allergen Alert:  

    Product may contain the following allergens -

    nut tree (pecan, almond, walnut, hazelnut), 
    peanut, egg, milk, soy , wheat

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Park Place Luxury Chest

Park Place Luxury Chest

From traditional to exotic,
Park Place is the key
to a lavish 
feast! Enjoy fine
wines, champagnes, 
fine cheeses, savory 
scotch whiskey popcorn, 
figs &
port, Caribbean rum cake,

Godiva biscuits, maple jelly
and more!

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