Godiva 36PC Thank You Gold Ballotin

Godiva 36PC Thank You Ballotin


Godiva's iconic gold ballotin
sets the standard 
in chocolate!
Enjoy Raspberry Ganache Twirl, 
Milk Praline Heart, Orange
Crescent, Pecan 
and more wrapped 
in thank
you ribbon!

** Thank you ribbon available only in english


Our kosher basket ingredients are certified 
Kosher with the following symbols: 

Complimentary greeting card maybe added 
to the gift at checkout

  • Raspberry ganache twirl
  • Raspberry star
  • White ganache bliss
  • White praline heart
  • Orange crescent
  • Pecan caramel duet
  • Pecan crunch
  • Praline crescent
  • Milk ganache bliss
  • Milk lion of Belgium
  • Milk praline heart
  • Milk chocolate hazelnut oyster
  • Macadamia mosaic
  • Midnight swirl
  • Milk caramel embrace
  • Milk demitasse
  • Dark ganache bliss
  • Dark lion of Belgium
  • Dark mint medallion
  • Cinnamon blush
  • Coconut pyramid
  • Coffee feather
  • Dark caramel embrace

Allergen Alert:  

Product may contain the following allergens -

nut tree (pecan, almond, walnut, hazelnut), 
peanut, egg, milk, soy , wheat

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Godiva 36PC Thank You Ballotin

Godiva 36PC Thank You Ballotin

Godiva's iconic gold ballotin
sets the standard 
in chocolate!
Enjoy Raspberry Ganache Twirl, 
Milk Praline Heart, Orange
Crescent, Pecan 
and more wrapped 
in thank
you ribbon!

** Thank you ribbon available only in english

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