Snowdrift Gift Basket

Snowdrift Gift Basket


Spread the holiday cheer
this festive season with
friends and family!  Discover
a sweet selection of gourmet
popcorn, roasted almond and
sweet chili chocolate, rich fudge,
buttery cookies, dark peppermint
bark and more!


Complimentary greeting card may be added
to this gift 
at checkout

  • Sugar cookies
  • Danish butter cookies
  • Ghirardelli dark peppermint bark
  • Fine French truffles
  • Fine Belgian chocolate
  • Chocolate hazelnut pastry rolls
  • Old fashioned creme fudge
  • Roasted almond & sweet chili Belgian dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate covered pretzels
  • Double truffle hot cocoa by Gourmet Village
  • Reindeer munch pop sensation by Saxon
  • Milk chocolate cocoa by Laura Secord
  • Reusable holiday fabric container

Allergen Alert:  

Product may contain the following allergens -
nut tree (pecan, almond, walnut, hazelnut),
peanut, egg, milk, soy , wheat

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Snowdrift Gift Basket

Snowdrift Gift Basket

Spread the holiday cheer
this festive season with
friends and family!  Discover
a sweet selection of gourmet
popcorn, roasted almond and
sweet chili chocolate, rich fudge,
buttery cookies, dark peppermint
bark and more!

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